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Any action starts with awareness and at Social Justice for Creatives we believe that for you to take action and make waves with your community and followers, that you'll need to start with some basic awareness. 

Online Awareness Training is a free set of tools for industry leaders to help you understand the basics of diversity and inclusion in today's society and then incorporate techniques to better amplify and represent marginalized groups and in your business, community and followings.

I believe that change starts at the top and our industry leaders in the creative sphere hold the key to influence dynamic change. I believe basic awareness of this information is so critical that I've made the Awareness section of training entirely FREE online for industry leaders. You can dive into the free online training about unconscious bias, creating safe spaces in online communities, creating mission statements, tokenizing, cultural appropriation, intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+, gender identity and more right now. 

This awareness training can be done by industry leaders and their peers for free online, or as part of a small group in-person workshop with more tools about how to take Action and use your influence for good. Read more about Action, the second part of the training and how you can have a workshop come to you!

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Leadership workshops


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Industry leaders are under a lot of pressure to make a serious commitment to diversity and inclusion in the creative industry right now. Take your first step toward that commitment and get a FREE custom audit on where you're at right now and what can improve in the future. 
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