Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops are for businesses and groups who serve creative entrepreneurs in their work. You are the leaders of this industry and creatives look to you for business influence. These are two-day workshops ideal for small groups of fifty people or less. I come to you and we take a couple days in your workplace to work through the Awareness training I offer free online and the Action training you can't find anywhere else. 

Over the course of two days your group will become more aware social justice issues that impact our everyday lives and what they can do about them to ensure that marginalized people feel represented in your business and in the community of customers that surrounds it.  Below you'll see what the two day agenda looks like. In total we cover about ten hours worth of content over both days.  Contact me when you're ready to book your leadership workshop and we can start the process!

$2500 + travel (flight, transportation, and 3 nights of accommodation)

day 2

Day 1

unconscious bias

inclusive terminology

intersectional feminism


gender identity

cultural appropriation


mission statements

inclusion in the workplace

diversity in visual representation

creating an inclusion strategy

sexual harassment through visual representation

creating safe spaces


inclusive community outreach