Speaking Engagements

I know, first-hand, how impactful and humbling it can be to learn about diversity and inclusion. It's brought an incredible amount of change to my life and I cannot wait to see the impact as more creative entrepreneurs set out to accomplish the same mission.  That's why I'm excited to participate in online and in-person events around the world and help bring this knowledge to creative entrepreneurs. 

Thanks to my degree in Art Education, years of experience as a teacher, and a background doing speaking and education to thousands in the photography industry I'm able to bring organized and insightful talks packed with information to events that leave attendees with action steps they can do right now to create change in their businesses. Some of my most popular speaking topics are listed below, but I'm looking forward to working with you on a custom experience for your event attendees as well. Please use the contact form in the menu to contact me about speaking opportunities.

allyship in business: The impact of creating an inclusive space

changing sexual harassment through visual representation

inclusive marketing: how unconscious bias limits our potential