Welcome to Social Justice for Creatives!

I am so happy you are here!

There are many things I hope this new business accomplishes in the future. I want it to be a place that amplifies the voices of oppressed and marginalized communities. I want it to be a place where creative entrepreneurs can learn how to build more inclusive businesses. I also hope that creating a more inclusive industry can happen by offering training to industry leaders. You have so much influence and think that trickles down to everyone who follows you or is in your community.

Today is launch day and I’m thrilled to share a few incredibly important things with you.

1. Images on the website (and here on this blog post) were generously provided by my wonderful friend Flor Blake. I told her I really needed some imagery of diverse creatives and as personal branding photographer with amazing diverse and creative clientele she provided. Flor is an incredibly talented artist and just one of my favorite people I feel lucky to know. If you have a few moments, please take the time to check out her work at Flor Blake Photography. While she’s based in Denver, Colorado she does travel!  Thank you so much Flor for allowing me the opportunity to have your gorgeous work here.

2. This website’s primary tool is a two-phase training system. The first phase, called Awareness, is free for everyone online. You can take the creative entrepreneur track or the industry leader one if you need to. The first phase is free because I wholeheartedly believe this is information that just needs to get out there and be available in the world. In that first phase you’ll learn everything you need to know about unconscious bias, biased language, cultural appropriation, intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ and more. You’ll have a basic understanding. If you want to learn more about inclusive marketing methods, the second phase of training will be released in May! Throughout this launch week I’ll be releasing 1-2 of our free Awareness training courses each day. Today you can check out the Unconscious Bias and Biased Language courses for Creative Entrepreneurs. If you’re an industry leader you can take the leadership version of the Unconscious Bias course and Biased Language as well.

3. I just want to shout out my amazing friend, Melissa Trout. Without her encouragement and texts back and forth the last few weeks listening to my rambles about this project – I just wouldn’t be here. As a Native American she’s provided me with so many amazing resources that have given me a greater understanding of the very invisible oppression that Native Americans face in the world today. I’m so grateful for you Melissa and all your time and encouragement. You have no idea the deep level of appreciation I have for our friendship. You can check out Melissa and Ray’s boudoir work over at Under the Garter and their bridal boutique at Bliss Bridal Boutiques.

When you’re ready to take more classes, come back tomorrow and you’ll have an LGBTQ course and one about safe spaces which will even include some base documents on moderating and caring for online communities.

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